Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm in my cozy giant hotel bed and feeling chatty.

I had dinner tonight with a friend I haven't seen in eight years. It was crazy how quickly it felt like I had seen her last week and we didn't lose a beat.

I swear every time I stay in a hotel I end up watching some creepy show on We about little kid beauty pageants and the insane mothers behind them. Seriously. I can't believe how critical they are of their own poor daughters. But its sort of like this frilly pink ruffly train wreck because I can never turn it off.

I can never fall asleep in hotels. But its also extra hard to wake up.

I forgot my contact solution and case.
So I'm sleeping with them in and I'm kind of scared to look in the mirror tomorrow morning.

ok, time (to try) to sleep. The cheeseball emcee of the pageant is singing the finalist 'little miss perfect' song and one of the moms is crying and asking her 8 year old why she didnt make it in the top 5. I wish i was kidding too.

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blaine said...

Those shows make me sick. Kids should not wear make-up and sexy outfits! These moms are doing it for themselves and it's so wrong. Maybe this should be considered some type of child abuse. Yuck!