Wednesday, February 11, 2009

isnt it funny

How you see a fashion for the first time and you think 'hmm...I don't get it...I dont think I'd wear it.'
And then you see it again. and again. and again.

By the 87th time you think 'ok, thats kind of adorable.'
This is how I feel about tights+shorts. This picture is fabulous. Via lookbook.


Courtney said...

It is funny- that certainly happens to me (and sometimes even with songs.) And I have been loving the tights + shorts look!

Emilia Jane said...

This is EXACTLY how I dressed in 1994 so it's really hard for me to pull this outfit together 15 years later and take myself seriously. Though I wish I could because I loved 1994 in a big way.

Ashley said...

I share your slow reluctance to accept jeans and tights together... slowly but surely, it's winning me over!