Wednesday, February 18, 2009

theres some things that need to be said

Last night I went to see Greg Laswell. He was awesome. Equally awesome was Rosi Golan that opened for him.

This is my favorite song, a duet with William Fitzsimmons. She actually sang every song last night with a guy, both playing guitar as well. The combination of their voices and guitars are really what I fell in love with - honestly I was a little bummed to realize he wasn't a part of the album (nevertheless shes awesome on her own!)

Its just beautiful.

Some lyrics from Hazy...

What if I fall and hurt myself?
Would you know how to fix me?

What if I went and lost myself?
Would you know how to find me?

What if I've forgotten who I am?
Will you remind me?


Design Lovely said...

I will have to check them out. The lyrics are lovely. Great illustration too!

jballashaw said...

Wow, that is a cool song...thanks for the tip

Sara said...

I will be checking her out!

On another note, an artist I'm in love with also toured with William Fitzsimmsons recently...Caitlin Crosby. She is absolutely amazing and you should look her up! Her voice is incredible.