Sunday, February 1, 2009

where are you chunk?

My brain is acting very strangely the last few days. I'm not sure if its because work has taken it over (I know this when I start having weird dreams about work - for instance, I'm panicking over what to put in the finish schedule for Husbands arm. Like what paint color his arm should be. Semi-gloss? Eggshell?)

I received a really cool dream decoding book for Christmas that has been very insightful. You know my crazy baby dreams I used to have? Well a dream about a baby is a sign of a new opportunity, creative idea, new project etc. Forgetting your baby constantly? Me too! Well that means you're ignoring that new idea - like your brain is trying to tell you you're ignoring this potential. As for when your baby turns into a cat - they give no explanation. Apparently that's not common enough to warrant one.

Anyway, like I said - I've been having weird work dreams. But also incredibly boring dreams. Dreams are where your brain is supposed to give you ideas, show you things you haven't thought of or freak you out or whatever. My brain is dull. Recently I had a dream about doing laundry. Being in the wedding of someone I didn't know-and thus didn't really care. Cleaning the litter box. Seriously.

The dreams would be one thing - but I feel the same way when I'm awake. Notice I haven't posted since Thursday? That's because I haven't been inspired, felt creative etc. ...whatsoever. I had a semi-free weekend and didn't touch a single one of my little projects.

I feel like I've lost a chunk of my brain somewhere. The chunk that gets excited, thinks up new projects, can't sleep because there are too many ideas, can't get over the amazing stuff in this world - fashion, art, music... just loves loves loves and wants to soak it in and squeeze it out. The chunk that is grateful and motivated and energetic.

Come back chunk. I miss you.
I think you make me me.

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