Saturday, March 14, 2009

dear drollgirl,

There are a whoooole lot of blogs out there that post very lovely things on a daily basis. And they are nice. But when a blog can post lovely things and make me laugh out loud - then I've found a new favorite.

This week you posted about the Beatles, a funny truck and made me think about which musical I would be in if I wasn't the worst singer ever. And your header has scary photos of cats. I just wanted to say nice job.


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drollgirl said...

hey! you are welcome and i just about fell over when i saw your post. i think i am going to cry. you are too kind, and i love yer blog, too!

sniff. oh, i need a good bawling, so i am going to use this as an excuse to cry and make my face a mess.

thank you again. :)