Saturday, March 14, 2009

jeans party

So I escaped work for a few hours this week to attend a 'designer jeans party'. Basically this guy brings in like 300 pairs of jeans and they're all laid out by size at a hostess' house. All brands, styles etc. And you just go all crazy and try them all on.

The jeans are all designer brands at some very cheap prices. Apparently they take department store overruns or discontinued styles or something. But you drink wine while you're shopping - which is something that your local department store can't offer.

The idea is very marykay party. Without the hassling and guilt haha (no offense meant to the mk lovas out there).

I did end up falling in love with a pair of Joe's Jeans - for less than half what they re going for online so that makes me feel bargainsavy.

Photo from swardraws.


Abbie said...

This is the second post this week that I've seen about jeans parties! It sounds so fun. I love Joe's! They have a petite version that is perfect for me... no hemming!

alissa said...

ooo i should tell my friends that! i was trying jeans on with three girls that all have to get theirs hemmed...and i can never find them long enough. apparently people out there around 5'-7" have hit the perfect pant length jackpot in genes. haha pun intended.

jballashaw said...

I am jealous, I would love to have 300 pairs of jeans to try maybe I could find one pair of jeans that I could wear

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! Keep me in mind if any of you host a jeans party in the future! I'm obsessed with Joe's Jeans and love the provacateur style- the petite's!

Anonymous said...

me too, me too!