Thursday, March 19, 2009


Totally in sync with the video below - my little brother just called from Japan.
At one point the connections getting a little crappy and I'm like dammit phone comeon!

But then ok, I mean I'm talking to someone in Japan. This signal is traveling through space and he's literally on the other side of the planet. I think I can handle a 2 second delay and a little scratchyness no? I'm a lucky duck.
Photo from desideria.


Joann said...

Who cares about the crappiness of the phone connection when you get to use a phone like that? I know I won't care. :D

Joann said...

Pardon me, but I assumed that you're using that phone in the image. But then again, crappy phone connection is nothing when you're speaking with your little brother :)

drollgirl said...

love that pic!!!

i have NO idea how tv's, phones or electricity work. good think it wasn't up to me to invent all of this crazy stuff!