Thursday, April 23, 2009

ask me anything

In some ways it seems narcissistic but on the other hand I always love when other blogs do it...
so lets play 'ask me anything'.

The only way I really see this being embarrassing is if no one asks questions. So even if its 'what shoe size do you wear?' please ask away. I know you're holding your breath on that stunner.


Jackie said...

Ok, let me kick things about sharing what you carry around in your purse? That's always a fun little sneak peak into a person's life. (At least to me).

The Socialite said...

1 - If you had one song to describe yourself or your life what song would it be?

2 - If you could enter an eating competition what would you choose to eat?

3 - Describe your first kiss to us?

*I'm good at this, huh? lol ;)

kim said...

I don't know what to ask, I know everything about you. HA!

What is your favorite memory of you and your hubby!? (Keep it clean, though, please. I don't want to know about THOSE memories!)

clorivak said...

Do you and your man have any weird nicknames for each other?..and I don't mean pooky..
and not in the dear, honey, sweetie sense..just odd, random weird nickname you might call your cat or something..hehe

drollgirl said...

favorite band
favorite color
favorite movie
favorite designer
favorite vacation spot
describe your weirdest relative
i am so lame i cannot think of good questions right now!!!!

Meghan said...

What is your guilty pleasure?

Happy weekend!

Hanako66 said... you have any other pet's besides your now famous cat?

Anonymous said...

Favourite dessert?

I have a one track mind :P

LoveMore said...

describe your perfect day!?

xxxx :) bel