Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dear friend

In my dream last night I followed you into a closet,
which slowly grew into a bigger room.
You were stepping backwards very slowly into the dark.
A hole opened up in the floor behind you.
Before I could do anything you stepped into it and disappeared.
But strangely I wasn't worried.
You kept mentioning a ghost you were looking for -
maybe I knew you would find them.

Photo from here.


clorivak said...

Very nice!! You wrote this? I love creaky old paint worn floors!

alissa said...

i did. my dreams have been kind of weirding me out lately (or always haha)
sort of a good way to get them out and let them go (or an attempt)

kim said...

I love that picture. And we should analyze your drea the next time we get togheter- I have theories.

PS- I loved your story about the green issue of Vogue. That is SO something I would do.

Agume Atlas said...

Thats all nice and good way of doing your thing. Thank you for all