Monday, April 13, 2009

dear luann

-or excuse me, Mrs De Lesseps,
I have only seen a few episodes of the Real Housewives of New York. I like Bethany, I do not like Alex and I was in the middle on the rest of them, including you, until the latest episode I finally watched yesterday.
You are classy. In my 5 episodes I think you've told me this 19 times.
You attended the Boys and Girls Club to speak with a young group of girls about self confidence. A ten year old girl speaks up and says she'd like to be a model someday. You tell her she's tall, pretty and 'don't worry, losing weight is the easy part.'

Let me repeat that: at a talk about having self confidence you told a ten year old she needs to lose weight.

You kind of suck.



Chere Amie said...

Oh, Ahmen sister! I am SO GLAD you posted this!! But, what goes around comes around. Her husband left her last week.

Uncle Beefy said...

Oh, Alissa...this post shows your lack of etiquette, my dear... it's "Countess" not "Mrs." Tsk, tsk, tsk. ;)

Had the EXACT reaction as you! I mean seriously?!! She can "talk" manners and etiquette all she wants but the more I watch the show the more I see her pending etiquette book sales plummeting!

PREACH it, Alissa! Holla!

drollgirl said...

that show and those women are HORRENDOUS. i've seen it a couple of times. the dude that shops with the blond wife and has to approve all of her outfits? wtf!??!?!?! b.a.r.f. well they all kill me. horrors.

Dianna said...

have you seen the episode when kelly shows just how insane she is & confronts bethany? it's fantastically horrifying.

alissa said...

yes! was that the last one? good lord shes kind of a nut job too isnt she. i loved when she took romona to see the thing about richard meier - cause you know shes really tight with him. and then romona knew like 10x the stuff kelly did. or maybe that was jill not romona? i cant keep those two straight.

Abbie said...

I saw a clip of this and just about died. I mean, c'mon... no wonder young girls have self-esteem issues!