Wednesday, April 8, 2009

when it goes to far

So I like facebook. Its a crappy internet addiction just like anything else :)

That being said - some people take it too far. and this morning I almost threw up eating my breakfast. Seriously. If your facebook status is what you're focusing on at this moment in your life there are issues.

status updates:
-'contractions are getting closer, doctor is checking progress'
-'taking a bath to ease the pain of contractions'
-'getting epidural, contractions are 2 minutes apart'
-'time to push, lots of people in the room' at this point im assuming its the husband actually typing. i can safely say if my husband is sitting down on his laptop as im giving birth i will rip someones ear off.
-'babys out! only six pushes'
and this is where I almost lose my breakfast.

I get that childbirth is 'beautiful' and such. but its actually not, its yucky. and I dont need the details. what happened to a cute postcard with the babys name and weight on it? I mean i really feel like i didnt get the full experience here because they forgot to describe the umbilical cord.

And i know, i dont need to read them. but with this new stupid layout it just comes up front and center the second i log in!

whew - quite a ramble for an early wednesday morning.
go take on the day my dears, your hair looks fabulous.


kim said...

Ew ew ew ew ew ew. Guess you can be glad he didn't decide to provide visual aids as well...can you imagine? "Three centimeters dialated! Here's the picture!"

Enep said...

agree! facebook is addicting ;D
nice blog anyway, I love your header.


Blair said...

haha! Love it. I am so with you.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Hahaha no way! Are those real??

clorivak said...

Oh...I totally know what you mean..I was addicted to facebook for soo long, kinda getting out of it with the new look, it is rather annoying. But I cannot believe the status updates either...I wouldn't be surprised if some people would update even if they were just going to the bathroom.
I'm not big on the overly emotional updates my life is so unfair, blahblahblah...

Hanako66 said...


clorivak said...

Here's a website I just happened to stumble upon today, relating to status updates...its pretty funny!

drollgirl said...

i fucking hate facebook, and this just makes the case stronger. HOW REVOLTING. be in the moment folks. you don't have to type about everything while it happens. and who CARES?!?!??! lame.

M said...

Your so right thats just TO MUCH information.

frances said...

hahahaaa this post made me laugh so much, it's sick! x

Nicole Marie said...

hahaha maybe they should be focusing more on giving birth than facebook updates!!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Gross or what.
You have made me laugh though, thank you.