Tuesday, May 5, 2009

comes and goes in waves

Some mornings I like the quiet walk to work. That's really not that quiet - but filled with just the sounds of the street and you just let yourself be a part of it.
And other mornings I like to put on the ipod and be in my own little world. This was one such morning and I had this Greg Laswell song on repeat.


Awesome Sara said...

i like this song!! you've got good taste woman. i should have used that i heart thing!! i hate that!!!!

clorivak said...

Wow...i love this song, its beautiful...i've never heard it before. Thanks for sharing!!!

yikes, i'm guilty of that stupid heart thing...not often, but i've done it. i can see why people think its lame and annoying though..hehe.

alissa said...

haha sorry clorivak :)
i just dont get it. i keep trying to type examples of 'its like if you wanted to say...' and i cant get anything that makes sense haha.
i want to kick you = i boot you.

i dont want to kick you though my dear haha its just my only semi-relavant example

The Socialite said...

Great song! I've had the cheeeeesiest song on repeat today. I'm too ashamed to admit the title. lol

Anonymous said...

And now I'm listening to it on your blog on repeat!

Hanako66 said...

great song!

Big Red said...

Really great song. Never heard of him before. Thanks for the intro. :)

Hope you are having a great day!