Wednesday, May 13, 2009

why gaga rocks

"Some artists want your money
so they can buy Range Rovers and diamond bracelets,
but I don't care about that kind of stuff.
I want your soul."
-lady gaga in blender
Thank you to the ladies of BonBon Rose for the fabulous award! You guys are so sweet! I'm not going to try and tag everyone just this minute - but I will when things slow down a little!
And a quick questionaire from
1. bra or no bra? 2. Couch or Sofa?
3. vaccinate or not?4. wedding or elope?
5. polyester or wool? 6. Bikini or one piece?
7. Dog or cat? Don't make me pick!
8. Are you morning person or night?
9. what came first....the chicken or the egg?
10. if you were stranded on and island..which one item would you have to have? I'd want a journal and a pen. the journal would have a built-in pen, thats how its one item :)
11. homeschool or not? 12. Beach or city?
13. is it Grey or Gray? But I love you both.
14. red wine or white wine?
15. caviar or escargot? good lord neither.
16. soda or pop?
What would you choose?


Aline said...

Lady gaga is an exceptional artist and is not afraid to experiment with style which i admire very much

Pop Champagne said...

That's pretty cool coming out of lady gaga! As long as I know she's not into witchcrafts or something like that hahaha jk jk

I think one item I would have on a stranded island is a speed boat with a tank of gas and another extra tank in the back so I can get out of there!

alissa said...

LOL pop thats hilarious. you're smarter haha. i wouldve starved to death writing about how lonely i was

Awesome Sara said...

i thought gaga was a dude

drollgirl said...

i saw this on her blog! very cool, quick quiz, and love your answers!

and hope things slow down for you soon!

Hanako66 said...

fun quiz...I love your answers!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Gaga, luv her name.

Lovely quiz too, insightful!

maureen said...

me & my daughter rock out to all of her songs en route toher school every morning:)

Courtney said...

Um, I have a few answers that fall into neither choice-- soda or pop... used to be pop, but gradually became "coke." Coke is the final answer.

Also, bikini or one piece... I love both, but some how my body seems to only be happy in a tankini... so dorky, I know, but bikinis and one-pieces both make me look even heavier. Blah-- I love the beach, lake, pool, etc., but man, I hate swimsuits...

MissBliss said...

love your questionnaire!!!

escargot and caviar are both really good. i promise. :)