Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lets be anonymous

Lets be anonymous. I've been thinking about the next topic. As Simi said, we don't need to be anonymous for the happy things as much. Its the other things we have a harder time sharing.

So its whatever works for you.

I'm going to post a topic. just to get your mind going.
You post whateverthehellyou want. even if it has nothing to do with the topic.

But post Anonymously. That's a rule.
a note to yourself in 5 years. or yourself 5 years ago.

Photo from here.


Anonymous said...

Note to Self in 5 years...

You promised. You promised yourself that once you had the money (read: out of crushing divorce debt) that you would buy the Volvo C30. You've loved this car ever since you saw Twilight. Now go out to the dealer and get the sportiest version they have in the lot!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

You will succeed and get a good job in 5 years, but no matter how much you work or try, people will always doubt your ability because there will be people that will envy you or hate you just because. Don't let those people get the best of you. Because no matter what you do, they will find fault at something you do.


Anonymous said...

In 5 years from now...

Stay healthy - keep living a healthy lifestyle you've been putting off!

Anonymous said...

are you STILL at the same damn job?!?!? are you getting FAT bonuses?!?!? if not, find a new gig.

Anonymous said...

Dear Self:

Are you enjoying yourself now? In the job of your dreams? With the family you've always wanted? Enjoying the travel, the success and most of all, the love of the man who has stood by your side for the last five plus years? I am happy you gave him the child; your parents the grandchild they have been dreaming of-- to make their cycle on this earth complete. You look beautiful, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Me,

I hope that you done everything you said you would. I hope that you took care of you mom after dad passed away. I hope that you had a child...or have adopted by now. I hope that you still enjoy your work and that you started that business you always said you would. I hope that you are happy.

Anonymous said...

Dear self,
Wow! look at you! You're so damn successful, and you only seem to have become better looking with age! You're living the life you've always wanted, good for you! (or me rather) And what's that I hear? Mike Patton calling you to hurry up back to the bedroom? Well, you'd better not keep the poor man waiting!