Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a letter to kim + the new bff

Dear Kim,
Yesterday we blogswapped and I had a swell time. The only un-swell part was how hard it was for me to think of an embarrassing moment. I kind of booboo'd out and posted about something - er -someone that I'm embarrassed about.
Anyway, it just came to me. A good, or at least decent, embarrassing moment - and it even involves you! I'm not sure if you've figured this out yet - but I get excited quickly and have to act on all new ideas within like 12 seconds. I can't save this for my next blogswap (wtf, spellcheck just tried to change blogswap into logway. Like blogswap isn't a word. And logway is?)

So here it is Kim, an embarrassing story - and it's almost LiLu's TMI Thursdays! LiLu, just fyi - this will be incredibly disappointing and un-graphic compared to yours. Baby steps Ladies.

When did 'following' start on blogger? Because that's when this takes place. Kim is my only 'in real life' AND in 'blogging life' friend so whenever anything remotely exciting/irritating etc happens in the blogging world she is the one person I go to.

One day, a nice young lady comments on one of my posts. I click on her profile to return the favor and there are two blogs listed there (in hindsight, one is her blog and the other is the one blog she is following). Well I click on one of those.

And I'm on Coco Rocha's blog. As in Coco Rocha, awesome international fashion model that was in the issue of Vogue sitting next to my computer. I peed my pants (I didn't, but I thought LiLu might stick around longer if I said that).

Here are my next steps:

1. Leave a comment on Coco's blog. Along the lines of "Hey, I really appreciate your comment! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!" If it was possible to squeal with glee in the comment I would have.

2. Email Kim. Along the lines of "holy shite kim, coco rocha visited my blog. i know its dorky to get so excited but im so freaking excited. omg how did she find it? do you think she liked it? isnt it nice that she left a comment?" blah blah blah

3. Daydream about my new BFF Coco Rocha. International fashion model.

4. Decide to revisit said profile. To discover that the commenter is following Coco Rocha.

5. Swear. A lot. Like terrible words that made Grace blush.

6. Go to Coco's blog and pray there is a way to delete a comment. There is.

7. Email Kim again. Tail between my legs.

For what its worth, I still feel a slight connection whenever I see Coco Rocha in an ad. Like maybe she saw my deleted comment and thought "who was that creep?" and that creep was me.

Thanks for listening Kim. Can we eat monterey burritos again soon?



kim said...

Ha ha ha ha! I totally remember that. You so thought you and Coco were going to become friends and sip champagne together at fashion shows.

Wah wah wahhhhh....

I love you too, Alissa. Monterey burritos are definitely in order to celebrate the first BlogSwap. Fo sho.

LiLu said...

Well, don't leave us hanging! Did she ever come back and say anything?


I'll one-up you so you feel better. The first time The Bloggess commented on me, I was so excited I Twittered it...

AT her.

I am a champion. (Of awkward.)

Gabby said...

hahaha! I've done that with 'blogebrities' before. :)

Jackie said...

Oh man, that's a good one!

Hanako66 said...


I've gotten super excited before too!!

Anonymous said...

Aw how cute and embarassing :P

Meandering Mel said...

I found you (obviously, haha) through Kim's blog. Don't worry about not posting a TMI, it scares me too, especially since a handful of my family reads my blog. Lol. Maybe I need to make another one, just so I can be awkward in peace...