Monday, June 8, 2009

you dont know me

I have this song on repeat. It just makes me bob my head and think happy thoughts.

Saw this on a blog and thought it was kind of entertaining...unfortunately my old laptop would have a much more interesting spread. But my most played songs since September according to itunes...
1. Waking Up in Vegas Katy Perry
2. Sing, Theresa Says Greg Laswell
3. Comes and Goes (in Waves) Greg Laswell
4. Thinking of You Katy Perry
5. How the Day Sounds Greg Laswell
6. Days Go On Greg Laswell
7. High and Low Greg Laswell
8. Poker Face Lady Gaga
9. Is There a Ghost? Band of Horses
10. Le Belle et le Bad Boy MC Solaar

I'm officially tagging you to post your most played ditties, lovely readers. If you want. It's ok if you don't, I still think you're the cats pajamas.

In other news, the drinks in the sun on the roof yesterday...kind of backfired. It would have been a great idea if I was 22 and didn't have to go work on Monday. But I'm not. And today sucked. The glitter would not be shaken from my clothes.

Also, I lost the auction for my ebay hat yesterday. Which was just karma punishing me for the sun/roof/drinks idea. Then I punished myself more this morning by putting on four inch heels and walking to work.


drollgirl said...

my most played songs would most likely MORTIFY all humans, so i will refrain from posting!

and i hope you had a lot of fun yesterday before the punishment hit today. why oh WHY does it have to be like that?!?!? lately i have been looking at booze and thinking I BETTER NOT. that is so sad! maybe 1 or 2 drinks is ok, but i tend to get carried away and the next day is no fun at all!!!

get that man to rub those feet. and maybe get to bed early. i hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

Sara said...

How could you not feel good listening to the tune?? Plus. I think I unconditionally love Ben!

Well I am (almost) 22 but I still have to go to work..and I am punishing myself for the way my body has come to look like (desk job)by trying to make it look good...

It's becoming impossible. I. need. to. workout.

I am quitting my job, VERY soon.

Chanel said...

I am so doing that list! Hopefully it's not too embarassing!

LiLu said...

Downloading now... that Ben Folds song is awesome sauce!

thereddeer said...

I love Ben Folds :)

kim said...

Who could possibly not love Ben? Is that even possible? He's up there with johnny...

frances said...

Ben & Regina are my FAVOURITE people. x

Kristin said...

The hubs won't let me play Ben around him because I tipsily divulged one night that it was my gettin' busy music before him. Ah ha.

Hanako66 said...

oooooooooooh, I really love your playlist

Emma said...

thank you for your comment =)
LOVE this song!

Jessie said...

I love that video you posted! Did you get to see him a few weekends ago when he was in KC? He played at Grinders, but I didn't get to go because I had a wedding. Meh.

(Greg Laswell = great tunes)