Wednesday, July 15, 2009

beer + cherries

This is a random post about things that are nice.
Beer and cherries.
Went to a little exhibit opening themed around the 1960/1970s - complete with the finest beverages of the era. Booyah Champagne of Beers.

Also saw some hilarious beers in the grocery store - shout out to Montana!


And cherries. Because they're delicious.
And its my blog and when I want to post random things like beer and cherries I can.


Gabby said...

And this is why I like your blog. Yep!

Clorivak said... rock. I wuv me some cherries with water drops on them...gimme gimme...oh and some citch beer puhlease? haha.

tiffany said...

Beer: yum! Cherries: yum! Post away with random deliciousness. I love it!

georgia b. said...

this cracked me up. yes you can!

i love cherries. very much in fact. i like some beers, but i am not by any means an aficionado. that's my husband's territory. :)

but i do love a good india pale ale. i also like mexican or south american light beers.

Big Red said...

I love it everyday!