Friday, July 3, 2009

shaw silhouettes

Cleaning up my desk at work the other day and found this marketing piece from Shaw Contract Group carpeting. I'm especially in love with the little shoe image - but I like the silhouettes in the others.


Clorivak said...

Just loove these!! Thank you soo very much for the great Rome tips. I will be sure to check these out!!! If you think of anything else,let me know. I got a great little book as guideline of what not to miss in the city. There are so many cool sounding nightclubs that we'll have to check out as well. Thanks again for great tips. :0)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Wow, really cute!

Happy Friday.

Kristin said...

Those are too cool for school!

drollgirl said...

these ARE cool! love 'em!

Emily said...

These are so great! I really love the first one with the woman's whole body. She looks like she is Breakin it DOWN. Happy day! -e

georgia b. said...

so so cool. thanks for sharing this find!

i have not been by in a while. i have so much catching up to do here!

hope you had a lovely fourth of july!