Friday, July 24, 2009

spin pizza

After hearing about a hundred recommendations, we finally checked out Spin Pizza tonight. It was fabulous - love the atmosphere and the food. And the graphics!
yum yum yum Definitely one to hit!

Photos from here and here.
Have a fabulous Saturday! woohoo for weekends.

I saved this photo a few years ago - so I apologize for no source! But I love it.


Miss H~ said...

And you see... this is why K.C. is spectacular too. You have places like Spin Pizza to explore. We don't have many of those types of fun, cultural eateries around here. Any one for the buffalo hump (a local pizza joint here; don't get any crazy ideas)?

Now if only we could somehow fuse your place with my place...

drollgirl said...

pizza sounds fab...just about any time!!! yum!

and LOVE this hot chick/chandelier photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope your weekend is D.I.V.I.N.E.!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm pizza

The Socialite said...

Pizza! My weekend completely.

georgia b. said...

sounds delightful.

wicked cool photo.

Jessie said...

Easily one of my top 3 restaurants in KC! We go there all the time, especially bc there is one so close to our house. It is the perfect walking distance... close enough to be fairly quick, but far enough that you ALmost feel like you can burn off your dinner. :)

(Doesn't hurt that 360 designed it!!!)