Monday, August 10, 2009

diamond in the rough

I'm so absolutely excited for Chick Named Hermia's brand new undertaking, Diamond in the Rough. The goal of this blog is to bring some much-needed recognition to amazing blogs out there! Yes, we know Dooce is fabulous and making a living off blogging with like 13453845 daily readers or whatever. BUT there are some awesome, inspiration filled blogs out there that deserve some love! Voila - Diamond in the Rough! She'll feature about three different blogs a week in a consistent format- blogs that you can count on having amazing content from great bloggers! My google reader is quivering with excitement.

Today was the official kickoff - so check it out! Photo via Funambula.
And... few detailed shots from the costume party...and me dancing with two of the Jonas brothers. Also Husband - he was half of Kriss Kross. If you'd like to see the zipper eye complete with layers of eyeliner and fake lashes, shoot me an email.


So within 36 hours I've found myself dressed as Lady sitting on a tiny airplane (eek) standing outside in a hard-hat on a construction site covered in dust and sweating like crazy. Glamorous, no?


Pretty Robotic said...

thanks for the tip! looks like you had fun! you look so cute as lady gaga!

Elizabeth Marie said...

How fun are you!

And still trying to comment with shody internet, what a good friend :)

The Socialite said...

Now there's a party I would have liked to have gone to!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Well it makes for an iteresting life!

Good to see the Diamond mention, I've just added it to my sidebar, should be good!

Sara said...

Ahhh that looks like so much fun, email me the eye? :$

Ahh, I am excited about the diamond in the rough, very!

The Curious Cat said...

What a great idea - I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads up! xxx

one little simitopian said...

Thou art teasing us methinks! ;)

sounds like you had good times!

MoxieMamaKC said...

Thanks for the Diamond in the Rough tip (I LOVE new blogs). Your costume looks incredibly fabulous!!

drollgirl said...

i will check out that link!

and look at you go, GAGA!!! you are so fun and so funny! and so are the jonas brothers!!!! B AHAHAHHA! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lavelle said...

the party looks like fun!

Yes, i had a lovely trip thankyou, it was so sunny and i love driving around in the camper van!

Diamonds is the best idea ever! Promote promote promote!!! xxx

Hanako66 said...

what a fun party!

I just found that site today and love it...too cool!

Anonymous said...

Pure amazing!!!!!!! Your costume looked great!!!!

Oh and I like you choice of picture for Diamonds!!!!!

Elaine said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like soo much fun!!! And your costume is AMAZING!!!!

Rhianne said...

I love your costumes! So excited about Diamonds :)

Courtney said...

Oh! The party!! Your costume looks fab! And I love that your hubby was part of Kriss Kross- that is miggida, miggida, Mac (don't know if that really works in this context, but whatever...)