Thursday, September 10, 2009

my mind is in 18 places

A very random collection of thoughts for a Thursday night.
First up, we had our KC Blogger get-together tonight! It was so fun to chat with some fabulous chicas from around the local blogging world. Happily overwhelming in the sense that I left thinking 'there are just so many amazing women out there!' Genuine and full of ideas. I'll post pictures when I get a few!
In the meantime, my head feels all over the place creatively lately. Restless maybe? But that sounds negative. Its somewhere in the middle. Happily overwhelmed, kind of underwhelmed in other ways.
So restlessly random shots it is.
I love this kitchen.
Still obsessing over tutus.
I'm in love with this dress - but more-so the photo.
Just found the maryjane/t-strap lovelies I've been searching for.
This photo is just glamour. Pouty glamour.


Susie Sarlo via Desire to Inspire. Steven Meisel for Vogue 06 via Dustjacket Attic. Anna Paquin for Nylon via Chick Named Hermia. Shoes from Urban Outfitters. Vogue Germany Oct 09 by Karl Lagerfeld via Fashion Copious.


Katie said...

Tutus are my favourite at the moment too :D


Dustjacket Attic said...

I'm in love with that kitchen, check out the cool lights.

Honey you should have got that tutu!

Have a great weekend,

Hanako66 said...

we are two peas in a pod!

Blau von T said...

ah someone who shares a love of tutus..someday i just wanna dress up in tulle and frollock through fields

chicknamedhermia said...

Hi darling, I'm just letting everyone in my blogroll know I'm having another competition to make up for being such a lame blogger recently!!! Work has been manic and I've been sick and I just haven't had the time to devote to all, so hopefully this makes up for it:

Mireya said...

I am in love the tutus (lots of tulle) too, but I think the construction dudes at work would give me a hard time, haha!

thereddeer said...

I want that kitchen!

Clorivak said...

I'm in LOOOOOVE with the boots in the photo that you're in love with the dress. Hope your weekend was divine.

Fee said...

Wonderful blog.
So glad i've found it.

Love the first image with the butlets sink and the lighting.

Fee x

one little simitopian said...

Ah yes, I know that feeling well! I feel inspired, but not....a bit depressed, but hope is nagging at me....blahhhh!
Ooh pretty pictures! I want a black tutu exactly like that!

m.f. said...

I want to wear tutus but I think I'll look silly! I saw this girl is San Francisco that had one under her dress. I complimented her...and secretly wished I was wearing one. :)