Tuesday, September 15, 2009

true blood finale

So obviously if you haven't seen the finale or intend on watching the series and don't want to spoil it - don't read any farther!




Like a lot of you commented, I was kind of let down by the finale. They've been building up such a crazy ordeal. Thats all they did with the insane meat sculpture? knock it down?! And the egg?! Just some stupid bird egg? When Sookie went to break it I was like 'oh nelly, a brain eating unicorn covered in green slime that speaks French is totally going to come running out of that thing.' and then it just broke.

For what its worth I didn't see the whole Sam/bull/Bill healing thing coming. So good work there.
What really kind of annoyed me is how crazy out there this show has been - and then they end the season with the most cliche season ending cliff-hanger there is: proposal gone wrong.
And I'm annoyed how things ended with Eggs - seemed really unnecessary. The thing is Tera is so ripped (seriously is anyone else in awe of her muscles every week?) that I think she might go psycho and she'll be the next crazy killer except she doesn't need maynad claws - she just rips people apart with her bare hands. I'll be honest, if Tera and Chuck Norris decided to fight I don't know who would win.
I've gotten off topic. What I'm most annoyed with is the idea that we'll spend the entire next season with Sookie looking for Bill and there's this tension the whole time that she never told him yes and he thinks she might not looking for him etc.
Don't be predictable True Blood.


thislovelycity said...

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I whole-heartedly agree!

Such a shame.. there was so much potential there!!!

Hanako66 said...


"...if Tera and Chuck Norris decided to fight I don't know who would win"

best thing I have seen all day!

Paulina said...

hahahah! I love how you sum this up!!! seriously, tara's muscles...i mean, really!!!! While I liked the finale, it was a love/hate no less. You pretty much hit the nail on the head for me. A bit of a let down.

Whats the deal with Eggs??? Why??????