Sunday, November 15, 2009

checking in on the resolutions

Not sure why, but it popped into my head this afternoon to check in on my new year's resolutions and see what I've done - and what I need to do in the next seven (eek!) weeks - to fulfill them!

1. Learn how to play the cello. ok...not starting off so well
2. Get fabulous at sewing. Am I fabulous? Not a chance. Have I managed to whip out a few skirts and keep learning/attempting? Yep
3. Visit the east coast. Done!
4. Keep obsessing over fashion blogs and perhaps start contributing to the what-i-wore world. Did an outfit post today - need to get on that more often.
5. Be grateful everyday. Trying, but can always use more of this!
6. Learn some French. Je mappelle Alissa. Je suis interior designer... and the end of my skills. But learning (and perhaps not spelling those correctly)...

The cello is not going to happen in the next seven weeks. But the rest? On my way!

How about yours?


drollgirl said...

right on!!! you are doing so well!

i am not! hahahahaha. cripes. and it is almost time to make more resolutions!

kim said...

Um, so the cello thing is technically my fault since I promised I would teach you. Kim keeping her promises = FAIL.

Elizabeth Marie said...

You took #4 right out of my obsessed over look book doing blogs hands. Ha does that make sense?

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey you are doing great ... lets just forget the cello, the rest is on it's way!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

You just reminded me that my cello is collecting dust in the corner of my living room. I played as a child and purchased a cello about 10 years ago. Every year I say I will start playing on a regular basis. I have not used my cello once this entire year!

Good luck with all your resolutions. Maybe just pick one and make that your goal for this year!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job. I didn't have any resolutions - but I think I am doing a good job anyway :P

Courtney said...

I didn't even attempt to make resolutions this past year (I say that, but I did set some goals, and I suppose that is almost the same thing... just calling it something different! Ha. One major goal was to feel more settled by year's end, and I am not sure that we'll make that one!) Props to you for doing so well on your list!!