Saturday, November 28, 2009

d.s. & durga

Discovered this amazing stuff at my favorite (and now gone - boo!) hair spot, The Darling Room. This perfume by D.S. & Durga was created by an architect and a musician in New York as they made homemade gifts for their friends and family at the holidays.

There are a lot of great scents, very unique and beautiful. But I'm in love with Silent Grove (from Collection 1). Each time I stop in I steal a little spray from the sample bottle...and end up smelling my wrist for the rest of the day. Its so light and pretty - the perfect scent.

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Pesky Cat Designs said...

You got me so curious about this perfume. Love their website with all the cool pencil drawings of plant life. I've got to stop by one of their Manhattan locations very soon!

GiGi said...

OOOOHH! My husband wears their "cowboy grass"--it is AH-MAZING!!!