Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I remember sitting out in the trees when I was eleven thinking how fabulously simple life was when I was seven.
Right now I sit here thinking about how fabulously simple life was when I was eleven.
I worry that when I am forty I will think about how fabulously simple life was when I was twenty-seven.
If so, sorry for being such a whiner, 40-year-old self.


Saltina said...

Nah, I think your 40 year old self will be thinking: If only 27 year old self knew how fabulous 40 would be.

Anonymous said...

Surely not - god I hope not!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I cam almost promise you that your 40's will be your best years. How do I know, I'm there! With more knowledge and experience life gets easier and you become more content and at peace with yourself. Although I had a lot of fun in my 20's I would not want to go back. Well, maybe for a day or two! :)

Anonymous said...

it's funny when people ask me how old i am, a always think im 22 at first and then remember that was nearlt three years ago...age is a funny thing..

Kristin said...

I wish I had appreciated my twenties more. They went so freaking fast. But, I'm quite digging my thirties. Even if I have not quite accepted that 31 is days away. ah ha

Felicia said...

Today my dad mailed me a few of my old homework assignments from when I was 11, and strangely enough, the writings were almost exactly what I would be writing today. It was extremely strange.

Courtney said...

Ha! I think that sometimes-- try to remind myself that surely I will look back at this age and wish I'd appreciated it more! Not that I don't appreciate it, but perhaps some of my problems will seem silly in comparison to where I find myself down the road.

But I mostly think that in relation to my body-- I look back at the way I perceived my body in middle school and high school, and I wish I'd valued it more instead of having spent so much time hating it! I'd kill for that body now! But then I think that 15 years from now, I may well think that about the body I have today, and so I try to be more grateful and loving towards it (I don't always succeed, but from time to time, I try to remind myself of that.)