Tuesday, November 24, 2009

no paint cans please

As the weather gets chilly, I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with fur pieces. To be honest I do have one real fur piece, its a rabbit coat from the 1970s that was my mothers. It gets grandfathered-in in my book. Besides that, I'm all about the fake!

I have three fake pieces I've been playing with lately on an almost daily basis (all vintage/thrifted for under $15!) These photos just give me more inspiration on how to use them...
Aurelia Gliwski photographed by Nicole Bentley for Harpers Bazaar AUS June/July 09


Saltina said...

I love that little short ivory jacket with the plaid shirt. Would have never thought to put those together.

Dustjacket Attic said...

They look so cool and sassy.

The Curious Cat said...

erm...fake fur yes...real fur...no. But I worry with the fake fur that it isn't fake and someone's cat or dog got targetted...and kidnapped...not to put a damper on it, but it does happen you know... :( I realise there may be good arguments for wearing it but I still think it is somewhat unnecessary... xxx

Hanako66 said...

sigh...i want to be as cool as her!