Wednesday, November 18, 2009

orange bows

Well loves, my evening activity ended a little later than planned. as in like three hours later.
so no posts...but here's a pretty image i like.
although i would never wear orange. just for the record.
happy thursday. its almost friday hoochies!
I'm excited for tomorrow - lunch with this chica and Ric Rac Roundup with one of my best ladies.
Plans for your Thursday? Besides celebrating the fact that friday is so stinking close?


The Curious Cat said...

The problem is - orange is a stunning, gorgeous colour...but it doesn't look good on many people. I love this kind of orange -bows and all...! Alas I don't suit it either! :( xxx

Clorivak said...

This is sooo amazing. I think I would wear it. I'm not too huge an orange fan myself but WOW..that is soo gorgeous.
Sounds like you have an action packed weekend coming up.
so Nicole surprises there. ;)

Clorivak said...

OH NO!!! So sorry...I shouldn't have assumed. eeeek. whoops.

Courtney said...

Love that photo-- it makes me want a cute dress with bows on the sleeves! And while I love the orange, I am certain it is not a shade I could actually pull off wearing!

Hanako66 said...

today is my friday and i love that dress!

TheSocialite said...

cheers for Friday, this week was one heck of a week! Margaritas? :)

Anonymous said...

Thursday was all about staying inside in the aircon - it was 44C here (111F)!!