Friday, November 20, 2009

primary color

Its here you guys! The weekend!
I'm very pumped for Saturday - heading to Lawrence (nearby collegetown) to check out some thrift/vintage stores I've been hearing about. dun dun dun

Keeping these images in the back of my mind for fabulous color inspiration...
Carter Smith photographed byLily Donaldson for Vogue UK in Feb 05.

And your plans for the weekend?
*Don't forget to enter the contest! I'll draw tonight (Friday evening) good luck my dears!


WestAussie said...

Loving the last one.
Red and Blue never gets old

Clorivak said...

Those are amazing outfits, love them...espesh the first and last...'re right, laura did really well!! i almost thought she might get it during the episode.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh best of luck babe. Sounds fun!

Thanks for the mention, take care,

thislovelycity said...

I have a feeling your going to find some lovely things! Post what you buy, will you? Please! Happy Weekend! xo.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! I hope you have some lovely finds - be sure to post piccies :)