Sunday, November 22, 2009


Grace and I crashed on the couch tonight with a little Pinot Grigio.
Just finished watching Valentino The Last Emperor. Amazing.
Just to see his lifestyle, watch his design process, see his beautiful relationship with his partner Giancarlo, just see the person behind the famous name.
And see his adorable dogs:)


Highly recommend it!


stells and co. said...

I really would like to see this film. His dogs are so cute!!!

abigail said...

I've been wanting to see this movie for months!

Blau von T said...

I'm telling you now on my wedding day I'll be wearing a red Valentino dress

Saltina said...

Pugs in a row!

emmyray said...

I watched this a couple of weeks ago, and reeeeallly enjoyed it. Thanks for coming to Ric Rac, you are adorable!