Thursday, December 3, 2009

fun with geography

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. It will be kind of boring. But you've been warned.
So there is something very cool about my fair Kansas City. At least I think its cool.
So I live in Kansas City. and if you were not familiar with said city, what state would you assume its in? Most likely Kansas.
And you're kind of right! But just kind of.
Because Kansas City actually straddles Kansas and Missouri. In a given day we drive back and forth between the states. We're just crrrrazy like that! In some areas there's actual a street called 'State Line' where on one side you're a Kansas resident but your neighbor across the street? Missouri.

Am I the only one that finds this fascinating? I mean across the street - separate school districts, taxes, laws etc etc. Sometimes you drive down state line and you're just like omg i dont know what state im in right now i just feel so lost who am i where are we goooooing...
Also sometimes friends come to visit and you drive on the kansas side and then you go into missouri and they're like 'we're not in kansas anymore toto!' and you're like 'oh wow thats hilarious!' but then you cross back into kansas and then you go back into missouri and they're all 'were not in kansas anymore toto!' and so on and after a while its just not that funny.
While both sides have perks, I must say I'm a little biased to Missouri as I live/work/play on that side. But they're both awesome.
yea geography!


The Curious Cat said...

Such a life must cause split personalities surely? Kansas side and Missouri would you characterise them as people? xxx

Red Boots said...

Yay for geography! I'll admit I studied geography at university - so I am a bit of a geography geek and fascinated by things like that!

MoxieMamaKC said...

That's hilarious! I have out of town guests do the whole "Not in KS anymore" thing all the time! The KCK/KCMO thing seems like such a simple concept, but apparently it's not.

kim said...

I just thought about that the other day. I was thinking, "how many people go between two states multiple times a week?" I'm a total bum when in Kansas, and a total snob in Missouri. Because I can.

Clorivak said...

Cool...Very Interesting and Sweet.
I kind of have something similar where I live now. I am in Ottawa Ontario, Canada and just across a small bridge is another province Quebec,Canada. Kinda the same dealy but we call them provinces here. I like it cause in Quebec they are more so like Europe-lower age for alcohol and people seem to drink anywhere...I don't go there enough. :)
Have a Great Weekend.

Creative Montage said...

I'm not as cool as you gals...I live on the humdrum side of stateline in KS. Maybe its time to relocate :)

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

I never knew that - and I do actually find that fascinating :P

Cinnamon said...

My mom lived on State Line Road, and I feel like she was always having to change her drivers license and plates to Kansas and then Missouri and then back again. So annoying. But I thought it was cool to cross the state line every day. Whenever I would tell people that she lived in KC, people would go, Oh Missouri?!! And I would say, no actually, Kansas. They never got it. It's a fabulous city. I love the plaza, especially at Christmas time :)

Heidi Rose said...

That was actually interesting. I never knew that one city would be divided into two states. :)
Maybe tell about your job or things you like about Kansas City.

Renee said...

we'll be in KC for the new year!
Yeah for KC!