Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kale van leeuwen

A few months ago I saw some of Kale Van Leeuwen's work in a small gallery in Kansas City. There's a lot of art that I like - but very little art that I love. I love Kale's work. Especially his collection on mannequins - just the light and reflections and colors and fashion and glowing energy. Its awesome.
I have a favorite piece - I refer to the wall above our future fireplace as "___'s" spot. Many of the mannequin pieces have human names (I can't tell you my favorite because I'll be crushed if it disappears before I save my pennies to make her mine). But she is stunning. I visit her online a lot... which kind of makes me sound like a stalker.

Check out more of Kale's fabulous work on his website.


Saltina said...

Great work. They cross the line between paintings and photography. I had to click through to be sure :)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Love it too!
Wonderful week to you.

Hanako66 said...

oh wow, it's gorgeous!