Sunday, January 24, 2010

a little foggy

The weather last week finally warmed up! and a big fog followed the warm temperatures - sort of felt like we lived in a cloud for a few days.

1. Gap dress, F21 sweater, Shane & Shawn shoes 2. Gap jeans & blazer, Shane & Shawn boots 3. Anthro blazer, Joe's Jeans and Smash Tshirt (its an image of the state of Iowa filled with cities from Ohio, Idaho and Iowa - above the state it says "Ohio, the great potato state." just a dig at the gazillions of people that believe iowaohioidaho is one magical state filling the midwest -which you only really care about if you've lived in one of them)


Clorivak said...

You sure rocked the outfits, woman!
lovely looks, all 3.
We were in a fog too, lately.

Hanako66 said...

i love everything...esp those boots!