Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ok this is getting silly

It's cold here. Is it cold there?
Like absolutely getting-old cold. It gets cold in Kansas City and it snows. BUT its not this cold for this long with this much snow that won't melt because its so. freaking. cold.
I do not look like these women when I'm in the snow.
Here's why:
1. my snow is downtown snow- its the color of that brown dress. i cant remember white snow. remember when you were little and you'd lick the fluffy, fresh white snow? if you do that with my snow you'll get herpes.
2. i don't have any horses.
3. im not a model.
Luckily, its supposed to snow tonight/tomorrow. With an 'Arctic blast' coming tomorrow evening with 'blizzard conditions'.
So... that should be lovely. You know who doesn't put up with weather like this? Lady Gaga. That's who.
Images by Harpers Bazaar Sept 05 via Dustjacket Attic


Kristin said...

Ummmmmmmm yeah. I've been whining about cold weather. It's now in the 30s. I didn't want it THAT cold. Ah ha ha

Saltina said...

I felt your pain a year ago. Now, we're having deliciously mild weather. Because I am saying this it will all turn I'm sure. I wish you snow luck!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh gosh that was funny .. but I know that it must be getting really painful ... sorry.

Anonymous said...

It's insane isn't it!? And there's so much ice! I am VERY scared of ice so I'm constantly stressed out!!!!
The snow is pretty though ...if I never had to leave the apartment ....

Heidi Rose said...

Well, I do like looking at these pictures anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just wondering if you could help me out with a new project ….good karma to you! :D http://chicknamedhermia.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-giving-my-life-some-purpose-post/

GiGi said...


Clorivak said...

it is sooo cold here too. i hate going outside. but its depressing being indoors ALL the time. i hope we'll all get a beautiful mild few weeks. i like winter when its mild.
and lady gaga def would not do winter, she wears no pants.. ;P