Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pretend lunch

If you could have lunch with four people today who would they be?
They have to be alive.
Points for variety and potential for interesting conversation.
Mine: Karl, Martha, Will & Gaga


Fé... said...

Hmmmmm..... I absolutely have no idea. I didn't think the question was a hard one. But when presented before you. I don't even have an answer.

Renee said...

Great question:

1. John Malkavich just because I find him so freakishly funny

2. Hillary Clinton because while I really despised her during her husband's term, I've grown to really admire her tenacity.

3. Britteny Spears because I'm dying to know if she's as ditsy as she appears, plus it might be fun to watch her try to keep pace with John and Hillary

4. Rachel Zoe because I'd love to see what she wore and how critical she'd be of me and my wardrobe.

elizatruitt said...

OK, this illustration totally cracked me up...

sarah said...

1) Nelson Mandela
2) Xavier Rudd
3) Snooki from Jersey Shore
4) Nathalie Portman

hahahah what an entertaining lunch that would be...!!!

Clorivak said...

1.conan o'brien
2.will ferrel...good choice. ;) husband
4.valerie bertonelli , if she can't make it, Ben Stiller,he cracks me up to no end.

...i think i would die from laughter suffocation.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Meryl Streep
JK Rowling
Leonard Cohen
and Paul McCartney

Hanako66 said...

rainn wilson
paul rudd
marc jacobs
neil patrick harris

(it took all my effort not to put robert pattinson, david beckham, or brad pitt in there!)