Tuesday, February 2, 2010

grammy gowns

These were my favorites for the evening.
Not typically Taylor Swift fan - but mylanta that dress! Amazing
This photo doesn't even do it justice.
How about yours?
photos via style.com and instyle.com


abigail said...

they look gorgeous, but I'm disappointed that the grammys became just another "gown" event.

This Lovely City said...

Taylor looks S T U N N I N G! My friend was lucky enough to attend the Grammys... Crazy! So lucky!

chicknamedhermia said...

I loved Taylor Swift's dress, except she hunches her shoulders constantly so it wasn't very flattering on her!

Also Kirsten Dunst's dress was kinda great....it wasn't Hollywood GLAM, but it was very wearable!!!

I was kinda disappointed with the selection though....most girls seemed to opt for dresses with random bits missing and lots of exposed flesh....not my thing!

COCAMIA said...

Not a fan of Taylor, but the dress, mama mia STUNNING!!!

Cinnamon said...

I liked Taylor Swifts as well. It was pretty fab, and she looked great in it. Its a good color!


Clorivak said...

i was soo yawny style bored with the choices...the whole grammy's was a yawn fest for me, except when michael jackson's kids came out. i was shocked..and choked up.
i do like the color of taylor's dress...i thought it was sooo retarted how stevie nicks sang with her, her stupid song....gahhh...i'm guessing she did it for the cash. what a horrid song.