Friday, February 12, 2010

like onions

JCrew is the master of layering.
Filling my inspiration book...
Its almost the weekend! dun dun dun


Clorivak said...

indeedy..very simple chic too.
have a superblius weekend.

oh and your last comment you left was flipping hilarious, i choked.

Heidi Rose said...

Have a good weekend! :) I am ready for fun.

This Lovely City said...

I love your analogy!

Gaa I love J Crew. Such lovely looks!

Happy {Valentine's Day} Weekend, Love! xo

COCAMIA said...

Love the title for this post! Very cool!

your friend laura said...

oh my. how i love these looks.

but oh my. how i will have to rob a bank, take out a loan, sell a kidney in order to afford them.

i hate being poor.


Anna said...

J.Crew is the master of everything!

jessie said...

llooooooovvvveee zee layers. :)