Saturday, February 20, 2010

oh weekend i love thee

Weekends are awesome. I think we can all agree.
Started mine with dinner last night (mexican!) and drinks with friends at a bar in our future neighborhood. I wore my big leopard coat into this little corner bar... the look the locals gave me was not necessarily one of 'aww welcome! you fit right in' but they warmed up as soon as a ordered a few miller lites.
This morning I went to my fourth yoga class - I am loving it! While I've tried yoga a few other times, this is the first instance I'm really getting hooked and looking forward to it as a mental and physical release. Oh, I tried this today. Hilarious would be the only word to describe that situation.
Then some peppermint tea with a buddy, an afternoon filled with Olympics and catching up on my reality tv filled dvr and homemade bruschetta pizza and wine with Husband.
Expecting lots of snow tonight so we'll see what Sunday holds! Hows your weekend shaping up?


Cinnamon said...

This sounds like a perfect day. Ive been meaning to get back into yoga, but the only time they offer the class is at 8 in the morning and I just cant bring myself to get there yet. Every time the alarm goes off it doesn't seem like a good idea anymore.

COCAMIA said...

Ahhh! Sounds so perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Hey did you get my email!!!!?

Meghan said...

Best.Weekend.Ever. I love Mexican, yoga and beer:)

Clorivak said...

love your shots...your weekend sounds like fun..makes mine seem drab..hehe.
i had a winey old time on friday night with my husband so it was fun, of course!!!

Heidi Rose said...

All of that sounds so great. Pizza, yoga... *drool*