Thursday, March 4, 2010


Every time I have worn this dress I felt like pairing it with a brown belt. Such a risk-taker, I know! Finally went for it and loved it. And then went to the airport and left the belt at security. A nice young man ran after me to return in. Humans are swell like that.
So are big old leopard coats that have become your favorite thing and you dread warm weather because they'll have to hibernate.
Coat: vintage, thrifted at ReRuns; dress: vintage, thrifted; belt: Banana Republic; shoes: Shane & Shawn
I've got my tickets for Friday night's opening - how about you? Can't wait can't wait can't wait! I think it'd be fun to have lunch with Tim Burton.
and Lady Gaga.
Glitter would literally pour from my eyes.
ps. you're the most amazing readers in the world.
pps. All aboard the awesome weekend train choo chooooo!


Dandelion and Grey said...

That navy dress is an amazing thrift store find! You look lovely, as always!! I can't wait for the movie! I didn't buy my tickets yet, so I guess I'll have to wait a few days! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about that movie!!! And how nice was that person at the many ppl would just think, Whatever!

Meghan said...

That dress and coat are INCREDIBLE! Enjoy the movie this weekend - I cannot wait to go see it!

Kitty Stampede said...

i love blue and brown together. did you see the hour special of the office last night??
have fun at alice, i am on of those see it laters..i hate crowds.
have a great weekend!

COCAMIA said...

Such a harmonizing combo brown and blue! I have always loved it! You look fantastic...xo

Brittany said...

I love that outfit! It look so good on you.

Anonymous said...

Tim Burton is an outstanding filmmaker. I'm interested to see what he does with this film.

OneCraftyFox said...

Great dress! Can't wait to see the matinee this afternoon :)

Kristin said...

Killer coat lady! Soooooo, how was the flick??

Cinnamon said...

What did you think of the movie?!