Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what? spring?

You wouldn't know I'm getting spring fever by my recent outfit choices. Black, black and black. With a little gray mixed in for good measure. I'm wearing color tomorrow!
1: F21 pants, tshirt from etsy/gift from my lil sister, Target scarf, Shane&Shawn shoes; 2: Banana Republic outlet dress, thrifted Oh Deer! shoes; 3: F21 Jeans, H&M sweater, Target scarf, Shane&Shawn shoes.
All three worn with my latest obsession of bracelets. Can't stack enough on there. All F21/Target with the exception of vintage Bobby and Rhonda. My new bffs.


Brittany said...

I love when I see someone wearing random bracelets all mixed together.

I am also ready for the spring! I want to start wearing some color!

COCAMIA said...

That dress you are wearing in the middle shot is so stunning on you! I also love the combination of textures in the bracelets! FAB!!!

The Socialite said...

wicked bracelet collection!

Kitty Stampede said...

that dress in the middle, i want it.
send it to me now.

...i'm serious. hahaha.
I need to get away from this computer screen immediately.

Meghan said...

Awesome bracelets, lady!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving grey right now.....and yeah I find I'm dressing in dark colours more now than I was during Winter, lol!

Dianna said...

LOVE the bracelets!

emmy-ray said...

You're so cute! I like to wear super long, different colored ball chain wrapped around my wrist. I always, ALWAYS get compliments on it.