Tuesday, May 18, 2010

peony babies, champagne + small humans

Even with my obsessive projects in the house, still managed to make time for some tasty beverages with friends (bloody mary + champagne) and cozy coffee with Husband (decaf! always!)
Also, I apologize if you're sick of random flower pictures from my yard. But here's a random flower picture from my yard. Our first peony baby was born! I'm completely in awe watching the ants on these flowers. I don't even get how the whole process works but you see these tiny ants scurrying all over the big blooms and I keep going 'Husband! see?! the ants are going to open them up! see?! its a miracle of nature! I think glitter will fly out of the center next! see?!'
Ants are basically the midwives to our peony children.
I find it odd that I'm referring to the peonies as my children and babies, yet tonight when we met a new neighbor I literally said 'yeah, eventually we need some small humans to fill up this house'. Small humans.


COCAMIA said...

LOL! You are adorably sweet!

WeShop said...

Hi from Glasgow! This is a beautiful blog - the pics are gorgeous. xx

Kitty Stampede said...

SO PRETTY! I had a few Peonies in my wedding and they were sooo purdy.
You must be having a ball in your new pad woman, pad might be a wrong choice of words..hahaha. And that is amazing how all those flowers are growing, must make you soo happy..and keep sharing!

Meghan said...

They are beautiful!!! I love that you call them small people...at least your flowers do not cry:)

kelly ann said...

i take SO many pictures of the flowers in our yard, it's of addicting... so i totally understand. i never get tired of flower pictures!

mmmm. bloody mary. so good. and i love champagne but i can only have a few sips. it makes me drunk SUPER fast... and really emotional? haha, i don't know, but me + bubbly = bad, bad combo. bummer.

Kristin said...

You can borrow the dude if I can borrow your peonies. HA!