Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i know that we are young

Gaga's latest video, Alejandro, debuted yesterday. Check it out here or here. Much like the telephone release, this was basically a holiday. I am stunned -happily overwhelmed- by her creativity in all things. It was gorgeous and symbolic and just wonderful.
My mom -an avid, obsessive fan of the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac- always told me she thought it was sad that my generation would never have musicians that I would tell my kids about. Ones that I was an avid, obsessive, admiring fan of. But I do.

And for a long time my daughter will see Gaga as obnoxious music I insist on listening to over and over, year after year, singing loudly on car trips with the windows down. But one day when she is 19, studying abroad in a faraway country, a roommate she barely knows will play a Gaga song. And she will suddenly feel a combination of homesickness and love for her mother that she didn't know a song could bring. And the music will become special.
Also recently read this interview with Gaga. It's basically wonderful - I think whether you're a Gaga fan or not its very interesting. My favorite clip-

"...religion is very confusing for everyone, and particularly me, because there’s really no religion that doesn’t hate or condemn a certain kind of people, and I totally believe in all love and forgiveness, and excluding no one" - Gaga w/ Caitlin Moran interview for TimesOnline


The Curious Cat said...

If that video is not some sort of tribute to Madonna I don't know what is - just kept thinking we need the cone boobs and there they were as guns suddenly... hair, nuns, crucifixes, rough is all there...It is very good though xxx

Kristin said...

I fell in love with her as a person when I saw her interviewed by Oprah. She, this huge star, was in awe of Oprah. It was charming!

I'm already a proud follower on here and Twitter! And wait...what? They have SHOES?

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Kristin said...

p.p.s. I've picked up the get healthy thing again. Hopefully I'll follow through this time. HA!

Kristin said...

oh and disregard the shoes comment. I'm cutting and pasting the move info and I snagged that from my comment on another blog. But then again I'm sure you figured that out. Just thought I would explain my gibberish. HA!

kelly ann said...

i JUST finished watching glee's gaga episode, so this post is totally fitting to my evening. ;) i LOVE her. oh my gosh, i just adore her. she's so talented, it's truly inspiring. a lot of people i know find her really obnoxious and annoying... and it's a shame that they're missing out - because unlike a lot of pop singers, she can actually SING. i love when she sings at the piano, her voice is just gorgeous! mmmm, she's fantastic.

Kim said...

Couldn't agree more. She's fabulous and I hope she continues to give a big F-you to people who give her a hard time for her creativity. It's amazing that even in 2010 there are people who get so shocked and shaken by performance art. It inspires conversation and debate, and that can never be a bad thing.

Cinnamon said...

All I could think of when I watched this was a combination of Madonna music videos. I'm thinking Like a Prayer and Erotica...I couldn't get past that to see her own creativity in it.