Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We discovered honeysuckle in our backyard.
The smell makes everything extra lovely.
I am happier than Kirsten appears here. But as you can see, her Christmas tree got knocked over. Sonofa.
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Kitty Stampede said...

bahaha...you so funny. i miss popping in here, i just haven't been in the mood to blog lately, dunno why. We say Sonofa all the time...and it strikes us as funny all of the time.

The Socialite said...

Gah, I love Kristen Dunst - she needs to go back to making awesome movies and get right back in the spotlight, she's awesome.

Meghan said...

What happened to her? She used to ROCK IT on film!

kelly ann said...

sometimes i love kdunst, and sometimes i don't... it's so weird, i'm really fickle when it comes to her. but i will say, i kind of miss her in movies. :( i now have this longing to watch 'crazy/beautiful'!

Hanako66 said...

hahah, i didn't even notice that before!

canvas art said...

What a shame, better pick up that Christmas tree.