Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So is there any chance that shapes that you're drawn to have some weird tie to a personality trait? You know when you get those emails that are all 'if you like purple then you clearly talk to much and hate bacon' - is there something like that for shapes?
Because I love squares. And rectangles.
But I do not like circles. At all. And the only thing worse than a circle is a triangle.
Violent reaction.
Go psychologists go!


rachel rianne said...

so last weekend,
some friends and i were at the cashew.
one friend said that his younger sister has something called "synesthesia", which means that when she sees numbers, she sees a color correlating with it and that the numbers can sometimes have personalities.

as far as the personality thing goes, i remember thinking of red as a female, who's too typical and too flirty. blue was the male, unknowing and easily enamored. purple was the under-appreciated, but more-interesting-than-and-just-as-beautiful-as-red female. so i would always arrange purple between blue and red. (it was like blue=archie, red=veronica, purple=betty)

anyway, i feel like this whole perceived personalities of numbers can be put on colors or SHAPES! i'm no psychologist, but i'm pretty sure that this makes us both geniuses.

and your shape illustration is AMAZING.
i sincerely loled.

rachel rianne said...

and i just realized that the whole part about the cashew was highly irrelevant. my apologies.

Ellie Grace said...

I'm not sure about the shapes, but I really don't like the numbers 3 or 7. They gross me out. Weird, huh? You're not the only one with weird qualities like that! :)