Monday, July 5, 2010

summer weekend

Snapped this pic of one of Hammerpress' gorgeous flag prints!
I could not have asked for a more fabulous Fourth of July weekend. Started Friday night with cocktails at R Bar (new favorite spot) and then hit First Friday in the Crossroads. Saturday Husband and I went on a quick trip to the country (more on that to come!) and went to a great wedding -amazing food and music! Sunday was filled with bbqs, a parade, more bbqs and finishing the night with friends+cans of cold beer+games. I spent today putting up the first pictures in our house! All part of my big dining room project that I'll share soon:)
My favorite part of the weekend was right before the parade, an older man standing near us suddenly broke out into 'America the Beautiful' at full volume. Everyone around us became quiet and just listened, it was perfect.
The only downside of the weekend was that our fireworks were rained out. But given the rest of it, I can't complain!


Meghan said...

Happy 4th!!! I cannot wait to see all of your house projects!

Kristin said...

Our fireworks were rained out too! It poured all weekend. Boo. LOVE that parade shot!