Tuesday, July 27, 2010

where edward, eric and bill mud wrestle


This post is pretty lame unless you like True Blood and/or Twilight. It might be lame even if you do.
It is no secret that I love True Blood. I am currently in the midst of an inner Bill vs. Eric conflict but that is another story. I am two episodes behind so this may get resolved in the next day or two but don't comment giving anything away pretty please.

I may have gone on vacation last week. Driven 3000 miles across the country. Listening to the Twilight series the whole way. I'm going to be honest, I didn't want to like it. Mostly because I haven't decided between Eric and Bill yet but obviously I'm not going to cheat on my vampire love whichever one it is. Or something. Also that Kim warned me it was very PG and compared to True Blood I would get a little vampirenaughtytimefrustrated.
But honestly how can you not like Edward?

Book 1 was good. Book 2 was kind of whiny. I'm not sure why anyone even invented the term 'Team Jacob' because honestly, who is on that team?
*spoiler alert*

So here's where I do a weird me thing. I plan to read the next two books. I really do. But for some reason tonight I looked at a review of the last book. I read the whole thing.

Learning about weddings and babies and Bella finally becoming a vampire and all of these crazy details. I have no idea why I do this - but given the chance I will almost always spoil a surprise for myself.

For those Twilighters - do you like the movies? Are they worth watching?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the warning heehee

rachel♥jo said...

lol - i'm the same way, i still search the house for christmas presents, read the last page of a book, and check wikipedia and imdb to a fault.
Re: True Blood i couldn't stand not knowing "what" Krystal is and wikipedia kinda ruined it for me, but then again HBO isn't staying 100% true to the Sookie books so maybe i'll still be surprised. amazingly i was able to restrain myself and not spoil the Twilight series for myself, but i was only successful because i did nothing else BUT read them back-to-back.

Kim said...

I will spoil anything I can. Even milk. Watch the movies, they're pretty decent. Lame next to True Blood, but still decent.

Dianna said...

yeah, i've asked myself so many times why anyone would be on team jacob! the movies are good/entertaining, if only to bring you back to the nostalgia of reading the books and being entrenched in their world.

Bryce and Brittany said...

The movies are pretty good. But I liked the books a lot better. I was kind of disappointed with the third movie, not my favorite. I hope the next one is better.

And I am the same way. It will kill me not to read the last page in a book when I am still only halfway through...

Tobe @ Two Tall Blondes said...

hilarious! i just finished reading the books, and have been wondering if the movies will ruin the perfect images i have in my head. many insist that they're worth seeing...sans the first one. distractingly bad acting and effects....