Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is my 1501st post.

This blog is strange. It started for me as a way to dump my thoughts during wedding planning and has become a random melting of all things that grab me - whether for inspiration, amusement or whatever - and by accident, it is a timeline of sorts. I can look back at the last three years through these posts and its amazing how much of a daily journal it is even though I really don't say that much. One of my favorite parts - which was totally unexpected when I started - was the amazing people you meet along the way!

In the same way that its interesting to see how its morphed and become what it is to me, I'm excited to see what is to come. I don't have 'goals' in blogging - I don't hope to make this my career, I don't want to make money at it. It just is whatever I want/need it to be that day. A scrapbook, a celebration of my city, a motivation, a creative place. Strangely, sometimes I think of it as a letter I'm writing my children, documentation of a person they will know as someone totally different. Which is weird. The internet probably won't even exist when they're old enough to care.
I'm not sure why I'm rambling about this.
The end.
Why do you blog?
Did you have a 'goal' in mind when you started?


Brandi said...

I just started blogging (about a week ago) and I decided to take it up for a few reasons:
1.) To reach out make and new friends.
2.) Give me something to do at work.
3.) Have a place to just write whatever is on my mind.

I'm not setting any goals other then to have fun :)

Ellie Grace said...

This is just one more reason as to why I really love your blog. :)
Isn't it interesting to see it (and you) develop along the way? I feel like that a lot when I look through mine.
Why do I have a blog? It all started as a 2 AM spur of the moment decision, really. It was just going to be a journal I suppose, to save myself the hand cramps. I really didn't have any goals other than that, I think. But I really do love it. Some days I hate it, because I know people all over the world have read how I honestly feel when no one ever truly knows, so that's difficult... But then I'm glad I got it off my chest, so it all works out! :)


I love the last two posts as well. The pictures of the children are adorable and you in that blue dress is FABULOUS!

Amanda said...

First off - your comments cracked me up because I've definitely done that before (thought it was my first time somewhere) :)

I started blogging in college because my roommate had one and then I used it to keep my hometown and college friends up to speed on my travels. Now it's just...I don't even know. It doesn't really have a "point" but I can't do without it! :)

Jessica said...

This is so odd that you post this, as I've followed your blog for quite some time and all along the way have toyed with the idea of starting my own. I've been held up because there always seems to be SOMETHING going on in my life, but it boils down to lame old excuses that are holding up the show. Your comment about the randomness is helpful as I'm trying to determine a core theme of what I would want mine to be about, this makes me feel better... and is THE reason I love your blog so very much! Keep up the posts, especially about your gorgeous new home and KC in general :)

rachel rianne said...

congrats on such a mature blog! :)
i had a xanga in high school and its main purpose was to feel connected and cool and like i could somehow express myself... but when i started my blog in college, it was again just a way to express myself.

since then, i've tried to make my blog a little more purposeful and give it a specific audience, but i run into a problem with deciding just a few things i like and like to talk about! i like too many things! but i think it's just a fun thing to do and to stay in communication with friends -- and make new connections, such as this one.

Anonymous said...

I started blogging for fun because a few of my friends were doing it, then I started a separate blog to promote my jewelry line. Now I've combined the two because I find that a lot of people like a little peek into your personal life along with what's happening with your brand.

Blogger said...

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