Wednesday, August 11, 2010

attempt to beat the heat

I've posted this dress before, it is by far one of my favorite items in the closet. Depending on the belt/shoes/jacket this can be dressed up, down and anywhere in between. I got this belt for the Gaga concert (see the whole getup here) and I'm loving the new twist it adds to some of my summer staples. A pretty basic look - but that's what you need when its 101 degrees!
Dress: vintage, Rock Candy Boutique; shoes: Banana Republic, belt: F21


Unknown said...

yum i love that color!!

kelly ann said...

that colour is divine on you.

C.B. said...

That color is indeed very nice on you! Off tangent but I also like the wall color with the baseboard color.

Meghan said...

SUCH a beautiful dress and color. What is behind you???

rachel rianne said...

so pretty! so summery.
i hate this heat, please make it go away.

Unknown said...

This color is fantastic on you!!

101 -- crazy!! It JUST now got hot in LA and I'm loving it!