Thursday, October 7, 2010

the lucky airplane

I've been wearing this necklace all week as my good luck charm for a special family-member-to-be that's traveling this week. So far so good! Paired with these poor wedges. I say poor because I'm madly in love with them and zipping them on constantly...but they're not exactly high quality and they're wearing out quickly. Hold on little guys!

I've also developed an obsession with red lipstick. I went to the MAC store one night and they have a new Cruella Deville collection...and I need Cruella Wicked Ways red lips.

Top Catfish & Tater boutique, Gap jeans, F21 wedges and necklace


Anonymous said...

Look how cute, I love the shoes!

Kristin said...

Is that old school F21 or recent? I gotta have that necklace!