Wednesday, November 10, 2010

brunch + boots

Ran out for brunch this weekend for Jessie's birthday with some fabulous gals (including miss Emmy Ray!) Very yummy food with some very sweet, genuine ladies.

A pair of boots I ordered from Shane & Shawn 's recent sale had just arrived and it was the perfect occasion to try them out. I admit that the toe of these kind of points up in a way I need to get used to- but the construction and comfort of them more than makes up for it.
Sad face - the other pair of boots I ordered don't fit (I had crossed my fingers I could make a size too big work but alas...) Unfortunately since the sale is over I'm not able to return them. But this is what ebay is for, no? If you're a size 10 and interested pop on over. They're very snazzy.

Express jeans, American Eagle (from 7 years ago) blazer, F21 tshirt, and a cozy pashmina scarf that I wore in my sister's wedding last month!

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Kitty Stampede said...

sexay! these look very nice on you. love the outfit!!:)