Tuesday, November 2, 2010

project runway : mondo vs gretchen

*Talking about Project Runway here - if you haven't watched the finale then don't read:)
In a sea of endless reality shows these days, Project Runway continues to be one of my favorites. Its hit and miss by the season (Christian's season was the best, since then its been a little blah) but then this season came along and there was this breath of fresh air. This breath called Mondo. Loved his personality, loved his personal style, loved his designs. Love love love. I was pretty much convinced he'd win. Andy was very sweet and had nice things, but nothing to make you fall over. And Gretchen? ugh bored every week, she just felt desperate or something. And lets not get started on her personal style (again, all my opinion but the tights with the velvety Renaissance fair dress...oh nelly)
Anyway, I dvr'd the finale and on Friday morning (still hadn't watched it!) turned on the radio just in time to hear them announce "and the winner of Project Runway...Gretchen!" I almost drove my car off the road. What happened to Mondo!? Horrified. and boo to the radio for spoiling it. There's obviously a 24 hour grace period before you can start talking about it in our dvr age.

WELL I finally watched the finale this weekend and I actually loved the debate that Heidi, Michael, Nina and Jessica got into (although can we pause and rant on having Jessica on there? I feel like for the finale it should only be the three real judges - basing their decisions on an entire body of work/seeing how they've grown etc) But it basically came down to 'what is this competition about?' Is it a competition for the next fun, fabulous avant garde thing? Or the next ready-to-wear, will-sell-in-department-stores thing? Clearly they picked the department store money maker. Bummer in my opinion. The show is this fantasy, giving someone the opportunity to go do something huge and fabulous and skyrocket them forward in their careers. Skyrocket someone fun. Someone whose color palette extends beyond brown.
What did you think?
And some photos all about fun...
Alexandra Tretter photographed by Alexei Hay for Elle Italia Nov 2010 via Dustjacket Attic


Ady said...

I don't hate Gretchen, but I don't think she deserved to win. Mondo was more creative and, I felt, he was accesible as well. I wouldn't see myself buying any piece of Gretchen's line and incorporating it in my wardrobe, but I would take ANY piece of Mondo's and make it work for me. Sooo sad to see Mondo not win.

Anonymous said...

I agree also. I didn't HATE Gretchen's work, but I wasn't a fan of her. By far Mondo was the clear winner. He's super creative, original, and fun!

canvas picture said...

It was a hard choice to make but for me Gretchen took it, I don't know why I just liked her style and attitude.